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My name is Justin Goulet. I am 23 years old with a Bachelors of Computer Science from California State University San Marcos. I have many siblings (4 step siblings and 4 complete) and am a huge family man.

I spend the majority of my time with my family: camping in the desert, going to the river, hanging out at home, and much more. Every night, we all gather around the dinner table and catch up on everyone's day. We learn of days at work, baseball practice and other expereinces and all laugh as we enjoy our meals.

Currently, I am a PC Technician at the City of Carlsbad, California. I changed departments from the Parks & Recreation department to the Information Technology Departmenr in March to gain professional experience working in an IT environment. I have been working with the City of Carlsbad for over 5 years (the duration of my college) and have a specialty of developing software in my free time.

In school, I completed many side-projects that have contributed to my liking for mobile development. I created a wide array of applications in a variety of languages and especially like creating iOS applications. My most recent one, Beer Hopper had a focus on design and RESTful APIs as I enhanced my development skills further into mulithreading and custom database integration.

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